Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dance Team Girls Abroad

Hola from Jen and Emily in El Salvador! We are both juniors at Santa Clara and members of the SCU Dance Team. We are here until December with a study abroad program through Santa Clara called Casa de la Solidaridad. This semester we have been learning about the Salvadoran people through first hand experiences and classes at the University of Central America. Every week we visit our assigned community to accompany and immerse ourselves within their reality. Various activities include picking coffee beans in the fincas, teaching English classes, listening to testimonies, preparing meals, reading about Oscar Romero, and also traveling around the country.
Recently we took a weekend excursion to the town of Juayua. We had our first hostel experience, risked eating the local food, and trekked waterfalls. A guide led us through the rainforest, where we saw breathtaking views of four different waterfalls. We even got to swim in one!

DT in Juayua

It has been hard for both of us to understand Spanish, but we both hope to improve over the next 3 months. The students in the program all take a Spanish class; in our first session we were lucky enough to see a performance of traditional style Salvadoran dance. The women wore beautiful colored dresses, and the men wore hand-woven shirts and hats. At the end of the performance, we all were invited to dance with them and learn a few moves (look for these in upcoming routines;)). We had another experience with dance when we decided to venture out to the local gym that offers dance class. Our instructor was a flamboyant old man with spandex who really liked to drop it low with a Latin flow. Though we don’t dance like this in the States, this class is one of our favorite parts of the week.
We absolutely love our time here, but we are excited to meet the new members, and return for Winter Quarter! For those of you considering trying out for the SCU Dance Team, know that studying abroad and being on the team are highlights of our college experience thus far. We wish you the best of luck this Fall Quarter; hopefully we will be able to update you throughout our adventures in Central America. 
Jen and Em
Emily Morgan
Jennifer Reynolds

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Our Sponsors!

We are excited to introduce our new official sponsors for the 2013-2014 season!

Body Candy Tanning is owned by former Warriors dance team member, Felicia Alvarez. You can find them at the Gemini Beauty Salon located in Campbell. Please reach them at (408) 915-7209 or at bodycandytanning@gmail.com.

Thank you for all your support Body Candy Tanning!

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Hello to all potential new members! My name is Ana and I'm going to be a senior this year on the SCU Dance Team. If you're interested in trying out for the team, I thought it would be helpful to give you some "insider" tips.

Try outs begin at 9:30am in Leavey Center on Sunday, September 29th. Don't be late! I suggest arriving early to do some extra stretching, warm up, and check in. We suggest tight-fitting, SCU colored apparel (red, white, and black). Jazz pants/capris/shorts and a tank are ideal. Make sure to bring jazz shoes as well, either tan or black. As the team has our hair all done on game days, we would like you to come prepared as if you are performing. So make sure to do both your hair and makeup! Gameday hair requires either straightened or curled hair that MUST be down! No pony tails. Be ready to flip that hair ;) For makeup, simply do as you would for any dance show with eyes, lips, and cheeks. Don't overdue it, but make sure you look nice.

 We expect our team members to have the basic dance skills including double turns, splits, and leaps, so practice, practice! Make sure you are working out and getting fit because this season we are revamping our uniforms! We will be wearing dresses this year, which will require some extra conditioning. So I suggest hitting the gym and cutting back on those summery treats that we all have been munching on. Don't worry...our team loves good food though! 

Finally....HAVE FUN! The SCU Dance Team is a sisterhood! It's my escape from tough schoolwork to be with friends and do something I love - DANCE! So make sure to smile and have a great time out there while performing. Show us your passion for dance and why YOU deserve a spot on our team. We look forward to watching! Good luck, girls! Xoxo, Ana

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Welcome to the Santa Clara Dance Team!!

Hey Guys! My name is Andrea Garcia and I am a junior on the SCU dance team. I am a Marketing major with a double minor in Spanish and International Business. While keeping focus on my education, the dance team has always been one of my top priorities. Through out the years, I have come to realize that representing the team has been a position I take pride in. I have made the greatest memories throughout the course of each dance season and have made a family consisting of 12 young, beautiful, and talented women. Every year we welcome new members to the team and together we learn what it means to become truly dedicated, committed, and humble. As I am half way through my college career, I have ultimately learned through the dance experience that there is always room for growth and improvement. I know that I have joined more than a team when I consider every day lost in which I had to miss a practice, game, or bonding event. I especially know that I’ve joined something great when one of my team members has become my partner in crime, one has become my roommate, one understands my love for cold NW rain, one shares my excitement for two person dance parties, and another understands my cravings for late night tacos and ridiculous YouTube videos. Every year we come together as a team and we leave as sisters.

With that said, 

Welcome to the family potential new members!!! <3