Sunday, September 15, 2013


Hello to all potential new members! My name is Ana and I'm going to be a senior this year on the SCU Dance Team. If you're interested in trying out for the team, I thought it would be helpful to give you some "insider" tips.

Try outs begin at 9:30am in Leavey Center on Sunday, September 29th. Don't be late! I suggest arriving early to do some extra stretching, warm up, and check in. We suggest tight-fitting, SCU colored apparel (red, white, and black). Jazz pants/capris/shorts and a tank are ideal. Make sure to bring jazz shoes as well, either tan or black. As the team has our hair all done on game days, we would like you to come prepared as if you are performing. So make sure to do both your hair and makeup! Gameday hair requires either straightened or curled hair that MUST be down! No pony tails. Be ready to flip that hair ;) For makeup, simply do as you would for any dance show with eyes, lips, and cheeks. Don't overdue it, but make sure you look nice.

 We expect our team members to have the basic dance skills including double turns, splits, and leaps, so practice, practice! Make sure you are working out and getting fit because this season we are revamping our uniforms! We will be wearing dresses this year, which will require some extra conditioning. So I suggest hitting the gym and cutting back on those summery treats that we all have been munching on. Don't worry...our team loves good food though! 

Finally....HAVE FUN! The SCU Dance Team is a sisterhood! It's my escape from tough schoolwork to be with friends and do something I love - DANCE! So make sure to smile and have a great time out there while performing. Show us your passion for dance and why YOU deserve a spot on our team. We look forward to watching! Good luck, girls! Xoxo, Ana

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